CGD : meeting notes 9-19-2018

Warren here throwing out some quick notes on our last co-working meeting (at The Foundry)

Attendees: Autumn, Andrew, Robert, Warren, Leon, Mendala, Zach, Brian, Jeff, Dennis, Ben (and more?)

Getting Started
Maybe 4 people sit down in the main meeting room around 6pm and get to know each other. The Foundry left some crackers, soda, mead, and sweet-snacky-poofs. Soon we realize the front door has been closed so we head down to prop it open and let more people in.
Some rando deets:
– Leon is a walk in. Knew Ben. Has done music (but not recently). (“reopen”)
– Robert uses Garage Band. Interested in going to Personas Studio. Has used Ableton (Fun DAW. Synthy. Good for post FX).
– Autumn mentions H.S. Robotics group is where her crew came together. Crescent Valley HS Tech Club. Corvallis Robotics thing (HS). Damien and Gabe Kulp were part of that crew? (one of them still at OSU, maybe?)
– Mendala’s friend zach found us on twitter or something (or via my emails? Maybe?). They’ve been developing a game for years now (Invader Simulator. See below).
w: oh wait, snap, I know Zach from NaturalPoint.
– Jeff and Dennis are from The Foundry, and currently setting up (not live yet?)
– Elon is seeking Systems Designer jobs. Almost landed something at 343. Was in good place for a job at Age of Learning (who do machine learning for kids games). Almost Replaced the position a lady was being promoted out of, whom he knew through college, but the job closed (likely high on the list if it comes back).Elan went to college for music. Interned at company from ex-call of duty guys. (Niantic? Or was that some other joint?)
(W: wasn’t Pat also working with an ex-COD guy?)

Game Jams Loom
Autumn (and Andrew?) have been talking to Gamagora Geekhouse about co-hosting a tabletop jam. Late October to early November. Thinking we’d start in The Foundry over the weekend, then present the results in Gamagorrah on a week night.
+ w: might be cool to pursue game testing nights there? once a term?
– Autumn mentions seeking corporate sponsorship to offer wood cutting and 3D printing.
– Brian mentions his friend through 40k gaming group, Shae-Linn. Does 3D printing for events (followup?)

+ Elon mentions ‘meaningful learning'(/play) conference, hosted at his old school (Michigan university).

+ Ludum Dare 43 on November 30?

Location Based VR
multi-room VR comes up (“location based” was zach’s term. I think that’s the industry standard? Jeff mentions a different term, but i missed it)
– some popular dev houses for this right now: Spaces Term Inc. (terminator) Pure Imagination (aliens). The Void (star wars).
+ whoever did the Mario kart vr that is now coming to Europe.
– Zach mentions Asian companies doing Galvanic Vestibular stimulation. (I counter with the Make Magazine article about Valve exploring this but moving on. Zombie-fying people)
– Magic Leap One is likely being sold at cost or loss, based on tear down website (this one?). They’re “using cast magnesium with very tight variance”.

w: … I had some more notes in here. but. no time to transcribe at the moment

Dennis talks about game exploration
w: I took a smoke break, and missed the opening of this talk. But from what I gather it could be cool for people who are on board, and lead to nifty social change. Ultimately it seemed to be drifting into gamifying politics and philosophy (a new approach to socialism? is that fair?). I was struck by the lack of accommodation for human evil. And for different game play preferences.
– makes me think he should look into Douglas Rushkoff’s talk of alternative economies (example).

– around 9pm we all bailed. (Ben and Warren struggling a little bit to make sure we followed all the protocols for closing down. I think Autumn and Graham got the details on this, but were already gone. But nothing was on fire, so HUGE SUCCESS!)